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Concepts & Products


These two models are my newest and oldest ones, respectively. The top one is an outdoor storage cabinet for wakeboards, water skis, and a towable tube. This was a personal project I did with my uncle at our cottage to give us a proper space to store our sporting equipment. Plans for its construction have been moved to the summer of 2021.


The lower concept was my initial proposal for my Manufacturing Engineering Tech class’s final project. This was the year I took visual arts. When I heard about this project, my mind went straight to my art teacher. He struggled to find appropriate space to dry students’ artwork and store class materials and equipment. Confident in my design skills, I crafted this 3D model of a storage cabinet, complete with his initials. Ultimately, this concept was a little too ambitious for my grade nine Manufacturing Engineering Tech class, and I wasn’t allowed to go past its concept phase. The scale of this project would have been too much for me to handle alone. Thus, I gave the design to the school, hoping that one day a class could build it. 

Screenshot 2021-04-16 180053.png

Utility Object Project

  • The task

    • As part of the Technological Design class, students had to conceive a useful, environmentally friendly object. My approach was to use P.L.A. 3D printing material to make a charging station for as many wirelessly charging devices.

  • The concept

    • My product would be the most customizable charging station available. Currently, charging stations that serve at least three devices only work for Apple products. I felt I could do better than the other competitors who serve the Android marketplace. I designed a stand for a smartwatch, a vertical frame for a smartphone, and a flat space for other smart devices like headphone cases.

  • The product

    • Each component can be removed from the base, allowing users to change their layout to their convenience. The smartwatch charger can be swapped out for either an Android or Apple-branded one, just as the vertical phone charger can be used flat, angled, or horizontally.

  • The evaluation

    • As part of this project, we had to follow the I.B. Design Cycle, evaluating our work through feedback. According to a class sample of fifteen, my project scored a 7.5/10 for esthetics and a 7.8/10 for customizability, among other criteria.

  • What I’ve learned

    • I have gained a well-rounded view of product design. With my experience, from working with design iterations and prototypes to doing sales brochures of the final product, I am more prepared to work with real clients in the real world.

Image 04.png

Aesthetic & Functional Trash Can

This was one of my very first projects done on Onshape (a real C.A.D. program). After having completed the included tutorials, I started exploring how my ideas could be visualized with this software. I then looked around for a problem I could potentially solve. At the time, we had just moved into our cottage, and the city's garbage collection required us to use multiple bins to separate the trash (more than we previously did). Instead of having all these large, bulky bins taking up an excessive amount of space, I drafted up this multi compartment bin. Then, I attempted to realize it as a 3D model. Because I wanted to see how much I understand the software, I wasn't just creating it, more so testing what was possible—taking me about 20 days to complete it (2018-07-17 ~to~ 2018-08-07 ). The design has compartments of varying sizes to answer people's specific needs. Typically, people generate a larger amount of one waste product than other garbages (for example, more compost than e-waste).

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