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Logo & Design Class Websites

Personal Logo

In this project, I designed a logo and a website that showcased the Technological Design class’s units and my personal work for a web folio. Following the elements and principles of design, I set my goal to create a distinctive yet simple logo. To the far left is a collage of my early sketches.

The images progress towards the right, where the final logo is. To anchor my ideas, I started by tinkering with a combination of grid arrangements and Fibonacci sequences. I also applied design concepts such as scale, proportion, balance, and harmony in that early stage. The two middle art boards showcase my prototypes. Moreover, the right middle one displays my colour palette. The colours on the final four prototypes were chosen to respect the compound colour theory and be colour-blind safe (according to Adobe’s software).


Following the I.B’s design concept wheel, I had my logo evaluated regarding its uniqueness, among other criteria. Scoring an average of 4/5 for that category, my logo differentiates itself from others while projecting professionalism.

Artboard 175.png

Project Web Folio

For my Technological Design class, we had to create a website incorporating the four units in our curriculum: interior designwebsite and logo design3D object design and architecture. Our projects had to answer specific criteria like having well-arranged elements (balance), modern legible fonts and well-composed pages, and being easy to understand, containing all relevant information, be easy to read and have a professional, coherent, aesthetic style. For the interior design unit, I incorporated that project's website into this one.

Design & Employment Opportunities Project

The goal of this project was to familiarize ourselves with a given career. In my Technological Design class, we had to pick an occupation, researching and learning about it. Furthermore, we had to make a website presenting the information we gathered and evaluate our peers with a survey. For my website, I presented the interior design sector regarding its job opportunities, tools, technologies, and techniques used.

My Luminaries:

Bjarke Ingels - Danish architect: 

Eric Reinholdt - architect:


Frank Gehry - Canadian-American architect:

Peter McKinnon- Photographer:

Real Engineering:

Perkins Builder Brothers - builders:

David Tomic - Architect:

The School of Life - educational company:

Mooch - architectural designs:

The B1M:

Ryan Serhant - real estate:

Matt Risinger:

Practical Engineering:


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