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In a portrait manner, with the sun positioned this way, using a Sony 7RM3, I saw an opportunity to experiment with split lighting. At the time, I was testing my camera skills. I chose to light the subject in a contrary manner. If I did as everyone else does with portraits, I wouldn’t be learning how and why pictures are taken the way they are. Also, because of how the light interacts with his hair and the contrast of the background, I was able to get a thorough understanding of my camera’s quality. One can even see the water droplets from the earlier boat ride. I thus gained a greater understanding of my camera’s sensor. In brief, I’m still discovering my style, and only through experimentation, like with this lighting, will I get closer to it.


This composition includes a blend of elements. I framed it to fit the distinct colours, maximizing the complementary red and green of the scene. The combination of the bright red and my use of the rule of thirds grabs the viewer’s focus. I’m also looking to highlight the gradient light blue sky of that mid-afternoon with this shot. Unlike the previous photograph, this one was intended to evaluate my camera’s performance with respect to colours. I appreciate working with colours! It was, therefore, important for me to understand to what extent my camera can reproduce them.

A picture containing tree, grass, outdoor, nature  Description automatically generated


There is a lot within this single photograph. Multiple elements are at play, such as the cool colours dominant harmony, primarily with blues and greens, and the complementary yellows. The still water perfectly reflects those clouds and trees. Some of those trees serve as a frame for my picture. At that time, I explored photography’s secrets using online resources; one of them suggests finding a natural frame in the scene. The branch at the top of the picture completes a large outline with the trunk on the right and the left edge. However, in my case, a second frame exists if, from that edge, we crop to the tall tree near the water.

View the animation.


After a long day, I circled our small bay on a canoe along with my dad. Almost falling out of the canoe, I captured this photograph so that the clouds encircle the lens, creating a sense of warmth like blankets wrapped around the observer. Also, this one was a true test of my photo manipulation skills. In the original, the sky was completely blown out, and the boat was only a silhouette. Hence, I used Adobe Lightroom to practice what I had been learning online through personalities like Peter McKinnon. With this picture, I progressed in such photography skills as composition, exposure, and image manipulation.

View the before.



This landscape demonstrates the power of leading lines. Two groups of leading lines guide the observer’s attention instinctively: the rushing clouds’ orange front line, with its reflection, as well as the left and right lines formed by the treetops and their reflection. They lead towards a silhouette of a single tall tree in the distance, and the lake’s channel between that tree and the land on the right.


View the animation.


As a developing photographer, I wanted to experiment with various ways of capturing those moments and feelings. Here is an example of commercial work I did for a private company. The emotions I sought to give the viewer were that feeling of home and that outside relationship. In the interest of inviting prospective visitors, I showcase this country cottage house’s comfort and coziness.

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